Monday, August 29, 2005


dsico (that no talent hack)

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City Stirs 12” Pic Sleeve

  • Ashley’s Mathematics
  • Manic Monday
  • When You Gonna Love Me
  • You Can Want

    Catalogue No: MP02

    Review: March 06
    Classic really. . Australia’s Dsico is back with two 12″s that are not to be missed: “City Stirs” and “I’ve Danced Enough.” Both have that electro new wave punk feel to them… sort of like Gang Of Four vs. James Murphy.

    Losing March 2006
    Dsico (that no talent hack) ‘City Stirs’ (Metal Postcard). By all accounts much loved by those cool dudes down at Go Home Productions as well as turntable terrorising dj’s the world over.....‘Morning City Stirs’ is deadlier still, a sluttish meeting of Joy Division, DAF and Front 242 in a seedy backstreet haunt, posing and preening cold wave super groove underpinned with a seriously floor flattening hypnotic bass grind that’s so grimy and horny to the touch you’ll feel you’ll need a cold shower afterwards. Flip the disc for the 12 mix of ‘When you gonna love me’ and the lacerating proto Kraut grind of ‘You can wait’, an unhinged slice of head tripping cosmic pop with unresolved personality issues to boot

    Rough Trade December 2005
    The second single from the metal postcard label based in brooklyn, new york comes from former mash-up wizard - dsico that no-talent hack aka luke collison. 'ashley's mathematics' is a bleak 80's tune melding pieces of tom vek and the rhythms of soul 2 soul. 'morning city stirs' has already gone down well with the likes of smagghe, tiga and 2 many d's.

    Fact 1
    dsico’s last recording with us “Smells like Electro” now features on Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers Compilation

    Fact 2
    Ministry of Sound wanted to sue dsico over his 2003 “Ministry of Shit” Compilation


    London News Review (2003)
    One of the most quietly influential musicians of the last year is Dsico. If you’ve heard any of those mash-ups where David Bowie finds himself in an unauthorised collaboration with Pink, or at least if you heard the best, then you heard Dsico.

    Exclaim Magazine / Canada
    What happens when a former mash-up wizard from Sydney, Australia gets pseudo-serious and records a proper album? Well, when you’re Luke Collison, a.k.a. Dsico That No-Talent Hack, you make an album that challenges the contenders at their own sport

    In The Mix / Australia
    Liquid-sounding spidery funk that calls to mind early Talking Heads. Those who have recently enjoyed the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings should definitely investigate this one. Recommended.

    Mark Moore / UK
    In a perfect world this would be huge and given time don't be surprised if it is. His Punk As Pussy ep is the best, most deranged thing of joyful abandon I have heard in ages.

    Brag Magazine / Australia
    This is the kind of music we need now. It’s accessible with the right amount of obscurity

    Rough Trade Records / London
    A genius melds the electro sounds of the 80's with something that all the kids will love...if you like metro area or the lcd/dfa sound you sure as hell are gonna' love this one.

    Cost: US$8.99 + P&P

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    dsico's blog
    Download all his old Mashups for free

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