Tuesday, June 17, 2008


enjoy our free mp3 series to keep your party jumping all summer
free mp3’s from ollo, dj foundation, dsico, wax audio, wel hung dj, dj grandbrother


DJ Foundation

Hot Girls Hot Guys
Mosul turntablist-anarchist DJ Foundation's latest tune-in-progress which we can't resist letting you hear. So far his singles 'god is dead/i shot u babe' & 'ghad/USA' (both on metal postcard) have laid religious texts over american porn and set jihadists to Chic, all with his effortless east/west pop party vibe. Those tracks have picked up support from Ibiza to xfm (check his amazing Remix session on www.myspace.com/thedjfoundation) with features in DJ mag and mixmag.

Now he's sent us a new track apparently based around some Wall St kid boasting on you tube of his party habits.
Download it Here

DJF says:
"hi sean i heard this american guy on youtube, funny. he's 23 like me but our lives are different! he he has a lot of money for his bottles and girls. but I see the USA are losing their money. they invade iraq for our oil but they still lose money, are they stupid haha."

and ...........

We’ve also received from a producer in the UK the wonderful: Old Skool G-Had ... Take a bit of Dizzee and some religious fervour and you get..
You Download from the dj foundation myspace player at http://www.myspace.com/thedjfoundation

Mosul’s and Iraq’s finest. These mixes will be unavailable anywhere else until dj foundations’ debut double album comes out later in the year.

Wax Audio
Yes....... More Bizarre & Wonderful Mashups

Come To Nazareth ( Justice Meets The Beatles)

Sad But Superstitious ( Metallica Meets Stevie Wonder!)

Well Hung DJ
UK producer Wel Hung Dj takes Manchester’s finest and throws them onto the terrace at Space for summer 2008
Download From the Myspace or here http://www.zshare.net/audio/134352664cda338f/

Wow have just signed to major label Levity in Australia after releasing their debut 7” with us. We gather there’s a new CD single on the way soon from them. We hope they become world famous and all of that
As our sign off to the Wow Metal Postcard collaboration we have one final gift for you .. The dsico remix of their tune When You’re Dead. We’ll probably get sued for giving this away now the suits are involved.

Like all dsico productions it’s just fab and you’d be mad not to have this in your itunes

Above link is a nice fat file for those of you who want a bit of quality on th track. If you just want it on your ipod probably best to download the small mp3 on the http://www.myspace.com/metalpostcardremixed player

Dsico "Touch Me (Not Like That)" EP
The Aborted Album: A collection of almost completed songs recorded in the years 2006 - 2007. I suppose I"ve been a bit busy with other things over the last couple of years and never quite managed to finish these off as an album. Rather than simply let them languish on a hard-drive I thought I might as well put them out in some sense... So here is the entirely free, reasonable high quality MP3 copy of the so called album...

All songs written, recorded, played and all that stuff by Luke Collison. Recorded in various houses in Newtown, Ashfield and Stanmore (Sydney Australia) between 2006 and 2007. or some perhaps even 2005.

Download the whole album or individual tracks below

Also on our ..............


Crystal Sun

Great news! Just when we thought the summer couldn't get any better - it has! One of our favourite beat masters has remixed one of our favorite tracks from Landscape - The killer new album from The Crystal Sun!

Yup - its true, wunderkid/wunderkind Dsico has bought his own inimitable flair and groove to Not All Those That Wonder Are Lost and the result is mega.

As ever we here at 12 Apostles are keen to share the love, so the remix is here for all to enjoy for free here

In addition to a string of top quality releases on Metal Postcard, Spasticated and Gang of Youth, Dsico has long been a master of the remix and reinterpretation. His 'Smells Like Teen Electro' was played out in clubs the world over and featured on Tom Middleton's Cosmosonica Crazy Covers Vol 1, as well as being a firm favourite in Bjork's DJ sets. He also contributed a storming cut to the Lord Lucan is Still Missing 12" here at 12 Apostles that scored us a top 10 position in the BBC Radio 1 Festive 50.

Ollo MySpace

Due very soon on 12 Apostles is the ollo remix album “If Thief” With some great mixes of tracks from their underground hit album of 2007 “The If If”

Try the dancefloor killer remix of Summer Salt by Sydney remixers Hot Cock
Download here