Sunday, November 27, 2005


Metal Postcard Are Pleased To Present Our Free Christmas Download

God Is Dead Download here

Mosul's dj foundation has found time to create for us his view of what the planet is like this Christmas.

Download here....and here
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Radio friendly version coming soon

I Didn't Know I Loved You (Til You Saw I raq And Roll)

gary glitter is entangled in a porn ridden world of violence and god's emissaries on earth are complicit


Born: 1.4.1974. Tikrit
Lives: Mosul
Nickname: Mosul Brother No.1
Favourite Band: Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow
Favourite Dish: Pacha
Drinks: Lemon Tea

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Metal Postcard has licensed the latest album from South Korea's Chang Wording Girl

New out on Metal Postcard Records - NEON EON by Chang Wording Girl (catalogue number MPCD1)
Release date: 1st December 2005

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NEON EON (23:46)
Kim Kyung-Soon :: guitars
Serendipity Jin-Ho :: guitars
Mun Yong-Chik :: guitars
Aki Matsunaga :: vocals
Janet Chua :: vocals

Chang Wording Girl were formed in 2001 when Kim Kyung-Soon, Serendipity Jin-Ho and Mun Yong-Chik met whilst studying in Seoul. All three shared an interest in the ‘chong-um’ scene which was spearheading a re-interpretation of traditional mask dances and CWG soon became the movement’s most sought-after musicians. This success encouraged them to evolve into a fully-functioning band that was able to pursue a wider agenda and start to fuse strands of contemporary electronica and krautrock into the existing sound. The band has established a working method that favours intensive input to realise single ‘projects’ which are refined and honed over a series of months before being toured and recorded.

For the realisation of the Neon Eon project the band have recruited Aki Matsunga from Japan and Janet Chu from Singapore to provide vocals. The expanded band played live extensively in Korea and Japan in 2005 and have attracted widespread praise for their intense performances and complex collaborations with video and lighting artists.

Neon Eon was produced by Akiko Nane, and mixed/mastered by Slim Salt at Bunsen Burner.

Wire Magazine on reviewing the album said:

NEON Eon presents an uncompromising sound, a single piece of music that shifts restlessly between moods and arrangements ...opting for an episodic series of compressed but intense tableaux

Cost: US$12.50 + P&P

Friday, November 11, 2005


Dsico That No-Talent Hack - Fool (CD EP) + Bonus Remixes!
5 new tracks from Dsico + 12 Bonus remixes of tracks from "You Fight Like A Girl" from the likes of The Emergency (Feral Media), JD Twitch (Optimo Glasgow), Ollo, Mink Engine, Frenchbloke and more.

Tracklisting + Promo Mp3s (192kbps)
01 Morning City Stirs
02 (Ashley's) Mathematics
03 Swimmingly
04 It's Late
05 Lately

plus bonus remixes.

06 Forest Fever {Tim Koch Mix}
07 Minkulations {Mink Engine Version}
08 Morning City Stirs {Blastcorp's Pop Mix}
09 Stars In The City {Magic Daddy Mix}
10 Hungover Yet Again {Ollo Redux}
11 Modulations {Bleepin' J Squawkins Version}
12 Hungover Again {Frenchbloke's uber Frisco 7" Mix}
13 Modulations {Clone Version}
14 Walking {Jd Twitch Optimo Mix}
15 Fever Narco Stalker {Disjunction Reunion Mix}
16 Modulations {The Emergency Version}
17 When You Gonna Love Me Sitwell Edit {Superdefekt}

Monday, August 29, 2005


dsico (that no talent hack)

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City Stirs 12” Pic Sleeve

  • Ashley’s Mathematics
  • Manic Monday
  • When You Gonna Love Me
  • You Can Want

    Catalogue No: MP02

    Review: March 06
    Classic really. . Australia’s Dsico is back with two 12″s that are not to be missed: “City Stirs” and “I’ve Danced Enough.” Both have that electro new wave punk feel to them… sort of like Gang Of Four vs. James Murphy.

    Losing March 2006
    Dsico (that no talent hack) ‘City Stirs’ (Metal Postcard). By all accounts much loved by those cool dudes down at Go Home Productions as well as turntable terrorising dj’s the world over.....‘Morning City Stirs’ is deadlier still, a sluttish meeting of Joy Division, DAF and Front 242 in a seedy backstreet haunt, posing and preening cold wave super groove underpinned with a seriously floor flattening hypnotic bass grind that’s so grimy and horny to the touch you’ll feel you’ll need a cold shower afterwards. Flip the disc for the 12 mix of ‘When you gonna love me’ and the lacerating proto Kraut grind of ‘You can wait’, an unhinged slice of head tripping cosmic pop with unresolved personality issues to boot

    Rough Trade December 2005
    The second single from the metal postcard label based in brooklyn, new york comes from former mash-up wizard - dsico that no-talent hack aka luke collison. 'ashley's mathematics' is a bleak 80's tune melding pieces of tom vek and the rhythms of soul 2 soul. 'morning city stirs' has already gone down well with the likes of smagghe, tiga and 2 many d's.

    Fact 1
    dsico’s last recording with us “Smells like Electro” now features on Tom Middleton’s Crazy Covers Compilation

    Fact 2
    Ministry of Sound wanted to sue dsico over his 2003 “Ministry of Shit” Compilation


    London News Review (2003)
    One of the most quietly influential musicians of the last year is Dsico. If you’ve heard any of those mash-ups where David Bowie finds himself in an unauthorised collaboration with Pink, or at least if you heard the best, then you heard Dsico.

    Exclaim Magazine / Canada
    What happens when a former mash-up wizard from Sydney, Australia gets pseudo-serious and records a proper album? Well, when you’re Luke Collison, a.k.a. Dsico That No-Talent Hack, you make an album that challenges the contenders at their own sport

    In The Mix / Australia
    Liquid-sounding spidery funk that calls to mind early Talking Heads. Those who have recently enjoyed the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings should definitely investigate this one. Recommended.

    Mark Moore / UK
    In a perfect world this would be huge and given time don't be surprised if it is. His Punk As Pussy ep is the best, most deranged thing of joyful abandon I have heard in ages.

    Brag Magazine / Australia
    This is the kind of music we need now. It’s accessible with the right amount of obscurity

    Rough Trade Records / London
    A genius melds the electro sounds of the 80's with something that all the kids will love...if you like metro area or the lcd/dfa sound you sure as hell are gonna' love this one.

    Cost: US$8.99 + P&P

    Distributors & Retail Please Contact Metal Postcard Direct To Order Multiple Stock

    dsico's blog
    Download all his old Mashups for free
  • Monday, May 02, 2005



    February 2006
    You've heard the song now watch the video created by video artist John Callagahan

    December 2005
    Imagine This made it into (John Peel’s) Festive 50 for 2005 . The Festive 50 is a UK music institution and having one of our releases in this chart voted by listeners is a great honour.
    You can see and listen to the festive 50 at
    Also if you still haven’t heard the track it can be downloaded for free at

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    The first release on Metal Postcard Records is Australia's Wax Audio who has recreated John Lennon's Imagine with the help of America's 43rd president. GWB sings the whole song and the world will never be the same again

    Reviews / Plays / Reactions
    Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 (UK) Has "Imagine This" at the top of his... recommended listening list for October 2005
    Artist Unknown - 'Imagine This' (7") - (White Label)

    Also Heard On.....
    WFMU New York
    AIR AMERICA - The Mike Molloy Show
    Download the show at
    It's a 3 hour show, he mentions the track right at the beginning (skip through the ads) and then plays it about half an hour into the show with chat on either
    The Skipper" on WXFX 95.1 The Fox in Montgomery, Alabama...
    Just gotta have this for our station.. (Imagine This - George Bush) ... super damn cool ...
    WRNR- FM Washington DC
    We just got our hands on an MP3 copy of "Imagine This, and put it on the air immediately. We're within walking distance of the US Naval Academy, the White House is in our listening area, and your stuff is flat out great!

    Wax Audio's Imagine This – Top 5 Most Requested Track On Triple j Australia August 2005
    Top 5 Requested Acts
  • bodyjar - lights out
  • after the fall - concrete boots
  • wax audio - imagine
  • butterfingers - figjam
  • martha wainwright - bloody mother f'en arsehole

    Wax Audio Tops DMC Charts August 2005
    ……and here Imagine This tops a DMC techno chart !

    Rough Trade Records (London) Says
    WAX AUDIO imagine this / off the air look out
    after an eon of dull booty action, here comes a sure fire classic. words taken from g dubya ' speeches, rearranged and put to the tune of 'imagine'. imagine the world's most powerful baby boomer getting sentimental with the world's most revered peace anthem. it's a mash up / cut up special that is utterly, utterly essential. limited edition 7" only with hand stamped / numbered labels.

    Norman Records (Leeds) Say
    Wax Audio have a 7" out called Imagine This. It's a rather clever little 7" as well. It features Georgios Bush on vocals over John Lennon's Imagine. What will they think of next? Some of you may have heard the RX version of this and it's way better than that. The flip side is loads of potty mouthed Aussie's effing and blinding. . If you like Cassette Boy you'll be wanting this cocker. Ltd to 500 copies.
  • Friday, February 11, 2005


    Dsico That No-Talent Hack - You Fight Like A Girl (CD EP)

    All new and original 8 track EP from Dsico That No-Talent Hack. No bootleges, no mashups. Raw Electronic Alt-Pop with guitars and vocals and stuff.
    Written and Performed by Luke Collison, recorded at Luke's in Newtown/ Sydney.

    01. Walking
    02. Hungover Again
    03. Fever
    04. When You Gonna Love Me
    05. Modulations
    06. I've Danced Enough
    07. Rescue
    08. It Started Fine
    preview mp3s are full length and hi-quality.