Monday, January 28, 2008


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Coming straight out of Sydney.. only formed in November last year come WOW with two great scuzz electro punk tracks..Common Species & When You're Dead

Here's some info about the band and feedback they've already been getting

UK release slated for 10 March and Aus release 1 April. We'll also have a US download release date set for May / June soon

MySpace is

WOW is:
Matt Cribb Vox / Guitar / Electronics
Bree Carter Vox / Bass

WOW is the brainchild of Sydney resident Matt Cribb, the collective result of not being able to play any instruments properly and spending too much time locked in the back room of his house, with a strobe light on, messing around with drum machines and cheap keyboards.

Bree Carter rounds off the boy / girl duo, bringing her amazing sixth sense of pop sensibility to the table, and an ability to know what sounds belong in what parts and which songs need what sounds and where to put those sounds and so on and so on.

WOW passed around some home recorded demos in November 2007 which resulted in high rotation on FBi radio in Sydney and several appearances on Triple J’s Unearthed website and television show as a “featured artist”.

WOW then went on to play their first few live sets, supporting groups such as Crystal Castles from Canada, Pets With Pets & The Emergency from Melbourne, and Theatre Of Disco & Cassette Kids from Sydney, and also appearing at Sydney’s Field Day festival at the Domain on New Years Day, alongside Girl Talk, Spank Rock, Uffie, Midnight Juggernauts, Damn Arms & many more.


Rock n Roll Wire

This Sydneyside duo -- who formed in November -- have hit on the kind of emotional static where early Factory releases and Euro synthwave reside. Totally killer.

The Sunday Experience (UK)

Those of you who love your electro slightly dipping below the out there regions of left field minimalism may do well to check this out. WOW are Australian boy / girl duo Bree and Matt who it seems have a thing for acutely icy and primal no wave / new wave dialects, their retro recipes disturbingly consumed by edgily paranoiac detached accents and bearing down with a de-sensitised monochromatic knowingness, all at once caustic, acerbic and fractured 'common species' is a futuristic mantra of sorts.

Frankly all considered cool record collections need this.

Drum Media music mag in Australia 28 Feb 2008

Horrifically out of tune boy / girl vocals, electronic drums that sound like someone alternatively kicking a cupboard and slapping an aluminium roof with a cricket bat, hollowed out bass guitar, guitars sharp enough to garrotte people with a laser-gun-duet-on-a-vintage-spaceship sounds - yes, WOW is the non-musician's musician / explorer in the garage having the recording party of a lifetime. Pointless trash wearing a try-and-guess-if-we're-being-ironic sneer, this should do fantastically well.

Very tasty dance pop track. It's fun. It moves. It makes you want to move. That's all I need. Thanks WOW.
Dan Buhagiar Senior Music Program Producer
Triple J National Radio Australia

The end product .. is brilliant: disco-punk, with an element of pop to it... Each song maintains it’s own individuality throughout, a rarity in modern times in which songs just seem to amalgamate into one general ‘sound’. If you were to throw The Lost Valentinos, Crystal Castles and Gang of Four into a blender, you’d end up with a WOW smoothie.
Illegal Tender Magazine

WOW. .low-fi hipster guitar dance. Common Species just does it for me. I'd go as far as saying it's the perfect house party track Really great..
Have Fun Blog

Sydney boy/girl duo WOW seem to have come up out of nowhere — and bam, hitting us upside the head In short WOW encompasses that signature Australia sound you already know and love: dirty synth mixed with guitar that will make you shake and dance in your skinny jeans.
Big Stereo Blog / Los Angeles