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February 2006
You've heard the song now watch the video created by video artist John Callagahan

December 2005
Imagine This made it into (John Peel’s) Festive 50 for 2005 . The Festive 50 is a UK music institution and having one of our releases in this chart voted by listeners is a great honour.
You can see and listen to the festive 50 at
Also if you still haven’t heard the track it can be downloaded for free at

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The first release on Metal Postcard Records is Australia's Wax Audio who has recreated John Lennon's Imagine with the help of America's 43rd president. GWB sings the whole song and the world will never be the same again

Reviews / Plays / Reactions
Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 (UK) Has "Imagine This" at the top of his... recommended listening list for October 2005
Artist Unknown - 'Imagine This' (7") - (White Label)

Also Heard On.....
WFMU New York
AIR AMERICA - The Mike Molloy Show
Download the show at
It's a 3 hour show, he mentions the track right at the beginning (skip through the ads) and then plays it about half an hour into the show with chat on either
The Skipper" on WXFX 95.1 The Fox in Montgomery, Alabama...
Just gotta have this for our station.. (Imagine This - George Bush) ... super damn cool ...
WRNR- FM Washington DC
We just got our hands on an MP3 copy of "Imagine This, and put it on the air immediately. We're within walking distance of the US Naval Academy, the White House is in our listening area, and your stuff is flat out great!

Wax Audio's Imagine This – Top 5 Most Requested Track On Triple j Australia August 2005
Top 5 Requested Acts
  • bodyjar - lights out
  • after the fall - concrete boots
  • wax audio - imagine
  • butterfingers - figjam
  • martha wainwright - bloody mother f'en arsehole

    Wax Audio Tops DMC Charts August 2005
    ……and here Imagine This tops a DMC techno chart !

    Rough Trade Records (London) Says
    WAX AUDIO imagine this / off the air look out
    after an eon of dull booty action, here comes a sure fire classic. words taken from g dubya ' speeches, rearranged and put to the tune of 'imagine'. imagine the world's most powerful baby boomer getting sentimental with the world's most revered peace anthem. it's a mash up / cut up special that is utterly, utterly essential. limited edition 7" only with hand stamped / numbered labels.

    Norman Records (Leeds) Say
    Wax Audio have a 7" out called Imagine This. It's a rather clever little 7" as well. It features Georgios Bush on vocals over John Lennon's Imagine. What will they think of next? Some of you may have heard the RX version of this and it's way better than that. The flip side is loads of potty mouthed Aussie's effing and blinding. . If you like Cassette Boy you'll be wanting this cocker. Ltd to 500 copies.

    hector said...

    if you read it, it can be nice. but really... how does it SOUND? what a bout a little stream or download in low bitrate?

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