Tuesday, October 09, 2007

MP08 / NEW dj foundation 12" USA / G..HAD


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Ibiza based dj, Jon sa Trincha, has called dj foundation the best thing since johnny rotten ..and says that pumping out Sunni & Shia ( i shot you babe) on the terrace at space creates more than interesting reaction from the crowd ...we bet it does. It was about time iraq came to the party

28 FEB 2008

Dj Foundation Features in Mixmag (UK)

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You'll have to pick up a copy to see what it says.. basically interviews dj f and talks to him about life in mosul and how he makes his music..

USA is also popular with the likes of Eddy Temple Morris XFM (UK) and Kill Radio.org in California

and reviewed in dj mag (UK) October 2007

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Now I suppose you want to know what it actually says !

"getting Tunes & Mixes from dj foundation can be hard" say his people.That's not surprising. He's from Mosul, Iraq. Really I thought it was a marketing gimmick but he's for real, and this big, dumb US Army & Van Halen sampling tune/mix/boot/cultural phenomenon is what i call an anthem"

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