Thursday, April 05, 2007


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Yea Big returns bolstered by a genuine rapper to etch more havoc on the senses. Leading track Heavy Catamaran has the smiling strut of the best comic-book-hero hip hop, and underneath it teems a vortex of insane musicality that captures all that’s great about Robinson as an artist. Anyone looking beyond the wearisome posturing of the mainstream for a pristine hip hop feast need search no more.
Neil Jones . Music

Amp Camp Odd, quirky, and legal? I’m not too sure about the legality part of it, but it is pretty pimp... If amazing experimental hip-hop that involves phat damaged beats and guitar twangs is your bag, then Yea Big has it all.

Chicago Reader Robinson's work has attracted comparisons to laptronica artists like Prefuse 73 and Four Tet, but he says he's equally influenced by the hectic momentum and percussive rhythms of bluegrass. "I really want my stuff to be accepted as pop music," he says. "The whole thing is to make a pop record based out of experimental ideals."

Flagpole My friend Chris hates this and describes this as “what death sounds like,” so I won’t guarantee that any one person will swing on it. And yet, I wish everyone could hear it.

Kynd Music Like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Trey Anastasio, the prolific and talented experimental electronica artist Stefen Robinson ..utilizes rapid-fire house beats, hip-hop melodies, buzzing walls of ambient sounds, I don’t think I could ever get bored listening to him...

Mundane Sounds It basically sounds like Prefuse 73 gone retarded

Tangents (UK) rolls along like the greatest party of your life upside down

Tasty Fanzine (UK) Stefan Robinson is a true inventor, and has created here a true listening pleasure.

Treblezine What Andy Kaufman did for comedy, Yea Big has done with their new album The Wind That Blows the Robot's Arms.

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